Programme du Concours Nicati 2023

Tous les événements sont gratuits et ouverts au public!

Lieu: HSLU Musik, Arsenalstrasse 28a, 6010 Kriens (Luzern)
Salle des concerts Solo et Ensembles : Salquinkonzerstaal
Salle des spectalces Open space : Blackbox Kosmos




Lundi 21.08.2023


Benedek Horváth (piano), Anna Juniki (voice)
– Christian Jost (DE)
Der explodierende Kopf, fragment aus “Das Urteil” von Franz Kafka (2004)
For soprano and piano

– Basil Athanasiadis (GR)
Five Pieces, no. 2 (2017)
For female voice and prepared piano

Anna Juniki – Benedek Horváth (HU)
Identities (2023)
For voice, piano and fixed media

– Andrea Lorenzo Scartazzini (CH)
So sieht’s aus no.6 / Sandmänner (2021)
Lieder for soprano and piano on poems by Nora Gomringer

– John Cage (US)
Flower (1950)
For voice and closed piano


13h30 Open space : CIVĬTAS
Van Project – Cristina Arcos, Maria Muñoz (composition and performance)
“Cities are a set of many things: memories, desires, signs of a language; they are places of barter, as all the history books of economy explain, but these barters are not only of merchandise, they are also barters of words, of desires, of memories”. The city is the largest scenario in which the human being develops; it is the place where the person can “be or be”, because the structure and physical configuration of the city satisfies social, physiological, security, self-esteem and self-realization needs. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s book “invisible cities”, we have selected three of the cities: Cloe, Valdrada and Eutropia.
In Cloe, people do not know each other and when they cross paths they imagine a thousand things about each other, everything that could happen between them, but all these glances and fantasies happen without exchanging a word, without brushing against each other and almost without raising their eyes.
Valdrada is a double city, built on a lake in which it is reflected. Nothing exists or happens in one Valdrada that is not repeated in the other; not only its architecture, but also the actions of all the inhabitants.
Eutropia is the third city we have chosen. This city is not one but many, located in a vast landscape. When the inhabitants no longer find their happiness in one of them, they all decide to move to the neighboring city, empty and new.


Romane Bouffioux (percussions, voice), Corentin Barro (percussions, voice)
– Matthew Shlomowitz (AU)
Popular Context Volume 6 (2013), mvt. I. II.
For vibraphone, drum kit, tape and video

– Chloé Bieri (CH)
Ardenti administrationem (2022)
Drame de chambre for two performers, electroacoustic devices, objects and lights

– Georges Aperghis (GR/FR)
Retrouvailles (2013), mvt. I. II. III. VII.
For two percussionists


16h30 : DUO SIGNAL
Adrián Albaladejo Díaz (trombone), Alejandro Oliván (saxophones)
– Kevin Juillerat (CH)
Signal – Antienne (wp 2023)
for trombone and baritone saxophone

– Jon Yu (TW/US)
An altar in three frames (2022)
for alto saxophone and trombone


Nancy Meier (flute), Eline Gros (flute), Anett Kallai (flute), Camille Quinton (flute)
– Laurent Mettraux (CH)
Quatuor de flûtes (1996)
For 4 flutes with also piccolo and G flute

– Nancy Meier (CH)
Thoughts of plants (2020-2022), mvt. III. Brian!, V. Leopold
For 4 flutes


19H45 Open space : TWO HUMANS & A HARP
Mathilde Bernard, Ilmārs Šterns (composition and performance)
The project Two Humans and a Harp is a collaboration between the harp player Mathilde Bernard and the voice and body performer Ilmārs Šterns on the edge of experimental music and performance art. In this piece the two performers investigate a wide spectrum of human and non-human sounds by extending the traditional concept of playing a musical instrument as well as the ideas of a human body and its gestures.
Is the sensation of music separable from our expectations and projections?
What can be heard in (non)human interactions of sound?
Mathilde Bernard and Ilmārs Šterns are composerperformers based in Bern, Switzerland



Mardi 22.08.23


Ariadna Bataller (viola), Lea Galasso (cello), Kanon Miyashita (violin), Patricia Muro Francia (violin)
– Misato Mochizuki (JP)
Boids Again (2019-2020)
For string quartet

– Dieter Ammann (CH)
Streichquartett No.2 “Distanzenquartett” (2009)
For string quartet


12H00 : DUET 2.26
Clara Giner Franco (flute, voice), Hèctor Rodríguez Palacios (flute, voice)
– Yoshihisa Taïra (JP/FR)
Synchronie (1986)
For two flutes

– Georges Aperghis (GR/FR)
Retrouvailles (2013), mvt. I. II. III. IV
For two percussionists

– Philippe Racine (CH)
Cœur à Corps (2014)
For two flutes


13H30 Open space : EVER.RAVE
Gianluca Iadema (concept, video and composition), Lorenzo Colombo (performative concept, live performance), Arda Yurdusev (staging, lights, audio and video technical support)
Ever.ravE is a multimedia performance, for multichannel sound diffusion, live electronics, multiple video projections, light, mirrors, phosphorescent metal sculptures and one performer, working with multi-dimensionality, immersive and ergodic narratives, as well as artificial intelligence.
It is a journey between the human consciousness and the subconscious in relation to the digital reality that mirrors its premises, dark sides, and contradictions. It is not about what we see but rather the relations between elements. More precisely it investigates the dream as the phenomena of fluid exchange between the phenomenological world, memory, imagination and the absurd, slowly building a hyperreality.
The algorithm is here understood also as an agent, subjected to diffractive reading, and connected to the broader concept of new materialism.
The human appears as a transfiguration of a digital entity, exploring the idea of machine emotion, acting on the human subconscious.


16H45 : SANTIAGO VILLAR (percussions)
– Michael Jarrell (CH)
Assonance VII (2002)
For percussion

– Óscar Escudero (ES)
HOC (2018)
For percussionist + vr glasses, electronics and video


18H30 : JOSE NISA (saxophones)
– Christophe Havel (FR)
Dissidence1b (2012)
For saxophone soprano and electronics

– Nadir Vassena (CH)
Mute materie (2010)
A prelude and two echoes for saxophone alto


19H45 Open space : FREYJA
Sergei Leonov (composition and performance)
In this performance, the author strives to take a fresh look at sacred music. With the help of the latest technology to enable the unknown part of life to speak to the audience through sound. The performer is a conductor who refers to the plant and through it to the metaphysical, through various methods through sound and emotional impact, establishing a connection between the two parties. This is a desperate prayer and a scientific experiment, transcendent states and program codes, electricity as the primordial energy of the universe and as a resource for machines.



Mercredi 23.08.23


10H30 : PIERRE DELIGNIES (piano)
– Stefan Wirth (CH)
Faims II (2012)
For piano

– Pierre Boulez (FR)
Incises (version 2001)
For piano

– Rebecca Saunders
Shadow (2013)
Study for piano


– György Kurtág (HU)
Sings, games and messages (2001), In Nomine – all ongherese
For violin solo

– Luciano Berio (IT)
Sequenza VIII (1976)
For violin solo

– Heinz Holliger (CH)
Ri-tratto (2011)
For violin solo


Sonia Loenne (composition of words and music, voice performance)
Singing is ugly. Singing is tiring. Singing is close. Singing is the body. Singing is lack of emotional detachment. All muscles move my sound, all sounds move my muscles. I am dispersing from my head into my body. I am becoming many. All my friends. My chorus-pedal. My overdrive. The printer. The carpet in the bureau.


14H45 : ALEXANDRE SILVA (percussions)
– Gary Berger (CH)
Spins (2003)
For percussion and live electronics

– Pierluigi Billone (IT)
Mani.Matta (2008)
For solo percussion


16H30 : REBECCA BLAU (flutes)
– Paul Clift (CH/AU)
Feuille volante (2012)
For solo alto flute

– Pierre Jodlowski (FR)
Limite Circulaire (2008)
For flutes and electronics


18H30 : FRANCESCO PALMIERI (guitars)
– Thomas Kessler (CH)
Guitar Control (1999)
For classical guitar and live electronics

– Fausto Romitelli (IT)
Trash TV Trance (2002)
For e-guitar


19h45 Open space : SOLO RUMORE
Alberto Anhaus (composition and performance)
Multimedial concert for vibrating devices, video, feedback system and essential oils.
“Solo rumore” is based on the noise by Alberto Anhaus. The concept is, throug 3 different moment, the representation of noise (rumore). The stage will be developed perpendicular to the audience, through the depth the visual attention of the audience will be expanded and compressed depending on the sound objects that will be used. Visuals, sounds and smell will interact with each other creating an immersive performance. The fil rouge of the performance will be the noisy representation of the idea of the flow of the sea water.



Jeudi 24.08.23


10H45 : ANTONIN JACCARD (percussions)
– Pierre Jodlowski (FR)
I.T. (2019)
For percussion and soundtrack

– Alexandre Babel (CH)
Music for a Small Audience (2003)
For solo snare drum

– Martin Matalon (AR)
Traces XVI (2021)
For vibraphone and electronics


– Franco Donatoni (IT)
Marches (1979)
For harp

– Salvatore Sciarrino (IT)
L’addio a Trachis (1980)
For harp

– Heinz Holliger (CH)
Partita II (2003-2004), mvt. IV. Glissés
For harp


Can Etterlin (composition and performance)
“I like to put things on my head” is a performance consisting of three cycles about arriving, searching and finding, falling and getting up again and turning in circles in order not to stop. A performance about habits, rituals and home or the idea of it.
I want to give the audience the opportunity to find their own perception, their own narrative and their own home. I don’t show anything, I let the audience discover. My body thus becomes the body of the audience. By discussing and offering a possible temporary home, I try to create a performance and safe-space that all people can identify with, regardless of origin, home and geographical boundaries. Simple, everyday movements/activities such as walking, take on a universal dimension through which each person can identify in their own way.
Cycle 1 – Turn. Turn. Turn to the window.
Cycle 2 – Step. Step. Step to the progress.
Cycle 3 – Return. Return. Return to your roots.


15H00 : GREGORY CHALIER (flutes)
– Heinz Holliger (CH):
(t)air(e) (1980-1983)
For solo flute

– Dilay Doğanay (TR)
Fay (2022)
For amplified solo bass flute


– Beat Furrer (CH)
Drei Klavierstücke (2004),  II. III.
For piano

– Tōru Takemitsu (JP)
Rain Tree Sketch II, in Memoriam Olivier Messiaen (1992)
For piano

Jonathan Harvey (GB),
Tombeau de Messiaen (1994)
For piano and audio tape


18H15 : MIRANDA NEE (violin)
– Klaus Huber (CH)
Intarsimile (2010)
for solo violin

– Alberto Mastracci (CH)
Tre Maschere (2023)
For solo violin

– Helena Winkelman (CH)
Ciaccona (2002)
For solo violin


19H45 Open space : NOWHERE, OK – ECTOPIA
Nelly Jüsten (prepared piano/upright, transducer keyboard, field recordings, composition), Felix Nussbaumer (analog radio, DIY-electronic instruments, sampled tenor saxophone, composition), Aya Masui (extended snare drum, field recordings, sampler, objects, composition)
nowhere, OK is a trio based in Lucerne, Switzerland, works in the fields of electroacoustic, improvised and creative music.
Our performances incorporate both amplified acoustic instruments and a wide array of electronic sound sources, ranging from conventional speakers, to transducers mounted onto the resonating surfaces of the piano and snare drum, as well as self-built electronic instruments and a processed FM radio, and sound sourced from the archive of our own field recordings, created mainly in Japan, Mexico and Italy, and takes on different roles in the construction of our music.
Through our work, we pursue an interest in the manifold relationships between geography, sound and memory through pre-composed tapes, fragmentary notated compositions, improvisational settings and live-processing of field recordings and radio sounds. Our current program ectopia (Greek for “out of place”) attempts to construct imaginary sonic spaces through a recombination of recorded acoustic memories.



Vendredi 25.08.23


10H45 : NORA BERTOGG (voice)
– Iris ter Schiphorst (DE)
Changeant (2004)
For amplifid solo voice

– Tona Scherchen-Hsiao (CH/CN)
Voyage de la larme (de crocodile) (1977)
For voice

– Benjamin Scheuer (DE)
Babel (2019)
For speaking voice


12H00 : CYPRIEN LENGAGNE (cello)
– Michael Jarrell (CH)
…some leaves… (1999)
for solo cello

– Luciano Berio (IT)
Sequenza XIV (2002)
for solo cello


13H30 Open space : LUX AETERNA
Ludmilla Mercier, Andrea Zamengo (creation and performance)
Step into a mesmerizing realm where the Requiem Mass takes a new twist! A piano metamorphoses into a coffin, instruments unleash wild melodies and what appears serious reveals itself as enchanting illusions.
Ludmilla Mercier and Andrea Zamengo, two classical musicians, push the boundaries of traditional performance, creating an artistic chaos where music, theater and magic meet.
Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience that will take you on a journey between solemnity and lightness, with soundscapes, musical mash-ups and visual effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Throughout the spectacle, texts are recited in Latin, French, and English, adding a delightful touch of linguistic intrigue to the delightful madness. You’ll find yourself questioning whether you’ve stepped into an absurd dream or a comically surreal nightmare, drifting between nostalgic 60s vibes and a dash of contemporary flair.
Surrender to this extraordinary theatrical journey, where the piano becomes a potent symbol of metamorphosis and the sacred intertwines with the profane in unexpected and profound ways.



Finales du Concours :


Samedi 26.08.23

– 15h00 : Ensemble 1
– 16h15 : Ensemble 2
– 17h30 : Ensemble 3
– 18h45 : Open space 1
– 19h45 : Apéro


Dimanche 27.08.23

-14h15 : Solo 1
-15h30 : Solo 2
-16h45 : Solo 3
-18h00 : Open space 2
-19h00 : Apéro
-20h00 : Awards
-21h00 : Apéro