Regulations Interpretation

Art. 1 Artistic profile

The Concours Nicati invites young musicians (art. 2) to give short concerts featuring written musical works (art. 3).

All means of musical expression (instruments, voice, electronics) are admitted, with the exception of the organ.

Art. 2Conditions of participation

The following will be admitted to the competition:

  1. musicians of Swiss nationality;
  2. musicians who have had permanent residence in Switzerland for at least 12 months before the registration deadline of the competition.

It is possible to participate as a soloist, or as an ensemble (see art. 3 para. 5) up to a maximum of 5 persons.

In the case of participation as an ensemble, at least half of its members must fulfil the criteria stated under art. 2 para. 1.

The minimum age for participation is 18 years on the closing date for registration (i.e. born before 1 May 2001). The maximum age limit is 35 years (born after 31 August 1983).

Multiple registrations of a candidate for the same edition of the competition are not allowed, neither for one nor for both categories.

Those who have won a first prize in a previous edition of the competition, whether as soloists or in an ensemble, are excluded from participation in the category «Interpretation».

For those who have won a second or third prize in a previous edition of the competition, either as a soloist or as an ensemble, renewed participation in the category «Interpretation» is limited to a single time.

Art. 3Programmes

The candidates themselves select the works to be interpreted in the three rounds of the competition (art. 9 to 11), subject to the following provisions:

  1. all works must have been composed in or after 1945;
  2. two works by two different composers of Swiss origin or resident in Switzerland must be included in the programmes; one of these two works must be placed exclusively on the programme for the final round, while the candidates themselves choose the competition round in which they want to present the other Swiss work;
  3. the programmes for the first round and the semi-final must be completely different;
  4. during the final round, a partial or complete repetition of the works performed during the first round and/or semi-final is permitted;
  5. the works must be selected according to the maximum duration of each competition round (art. 9 to 11).

The candidates are to present their performances in the form of concerts, and are required to design their programmes accordingly.

It is permitted to play individual movements of multi-movement works.

World premières of new works are welcome. The Concours Nicati assumes no responsibility for financing any commission.

In the case of participation as an ensemble, all works must be performed by all ensemble members, with the exception of the cases stated in art. 4 para. 1 letters b and c.

When someone registers who has taken part in a previous edition of the competition, at least half of the works chosen for the three rounds must be different from those selected for his/her previous participation in the competition.

Once admission (art. 7) to the competition has been confirmed, the candidates may not make any changes to their programmes unless there are serious reasons for doing so. If this is the case, these must be presented to the competition management in writing.

Art. 4Use of electronics

In the case of a programme including electronics, the candidates shall be free, in accordance with art. 4 para. 2 and 3, to

  1. operate it themselves;
  2. request the assistance of the competition’s technical personnel;
  3. employ an external sound director.

In cases where letter b applies, the assistance of the technical personnel of the competition must be confined to the one-off switching-on of a tape, plus a brief sound-check before the performance. The technical personnel of the competition is not subject to the jury’s evaluation.

In cases where letter c applies, it is the responsibility of the candidate(s) to indicate at the time of registration whether they wish the sound director’s contribution to be evaluated by the jury, or whether his or her contribution is to be considered as technical support. In case of doubt, the jury will decide at its pre-selection session (art. 7 para. 5 and 6) whether or not the sound director’s performance should be evaluated. Any costs incurred by hiring an external sound director are the responsibility of the candidates.

Art. 5Registration

1 The registration deadline is 30 April 2019. This period may under no circumstances be extended.

The registration has to be made directly on the website of the competition. No other means of registration will be allowed. The only exception is the dispatch of the scores (art. 5 par. 5, letters h, i and j).

If any questions or problems regarding online registration should arise, please contact the competition administration.

Registration will only be final after receipt of the following documents and information:

  1. completed online form;
  2. a letter of motivation highlighting the candidate(s)’ experience in the field of contemporary music;
  3. at least one audio (or audiovisual) file with one or several work(s) composed in or after 1945 and performed by the candidate(s);
  4. scan of the candidate(s)’ identity card or passport;
  5. official certificate of Swiss residence (if the candidate in question is not a Swiss citizen);
  6. portrait photo in colour or black and white, for free use by the competition; in case of participation as an ensemble, a group photo must be provided;
  7. scans of all scores performed during the competition, with the exception of new works not yet completed at the time of registration;
  8. three complete copies of the scores of all works performed during the first round;
  9. a complete copy of each score of the works interpreted in the semi-final;
  10. a complete copy of each score performed in the final round;
  11. in the event that major equipment is required (percussion, electronics etc.), a technical rider and a stage plan must be submitted at the time of registration.

5 In the case of participation as an ensemble, the members will designate a responsible person who assumes the role of contact person for the competition administration during the competition.

All documents must be submitted in German, French or English. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Art. 6Registration fee

Registration is only complete when the registration fee of CHF 250 per application has been paid into the following account: CP 60-483476-9, Association du Concours Nicati, IBAN: CH 89 0900 0000 6048 3476 9, BIC: POFICHBEXXX.

The registration fee is due upon admission (art. 7 para. 6) to the competition.

The registration fee will be refunded to candidates after their participation in the competition. It will also be refunded to the candidates who are not admitted to the competition, regardless of the reasons for refusal.

Candidates will not be refunded who do not attend the competition or who withdraw their registration without good reason after the deadline for registration.

If a candidate is unable to participate due to illness, the registration fee can only be reimbursed upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Art. 7Admission

At the end of the registration period, the competition management checks whether the candidate’s documents are complete and formally comply with the provisions of these regulations.

The competition management reserves the right to ask candidates to provide additional information.

In the event of missing documents or incomplete information, the candidates have seven days to provide them after being requested to do so by the competition management. In the event that this request is not met in time, the competition management reserves the right to exclude such candidates from participation.

After verification by the competition management, all complete, formally valid registrations will be examined by the jury.

The jury will make its pre-selection on the basis of the registrations submitted, taking into particular consideration letters of motivation, programmes and audio(-visual) recordings. The competition management attends the pre-selection without the right to vote.

After successful pre-selection by the jury, candidates will receive notification of admission by 31 May 2019 at the latest.

Candidates who have not been selected by the jury will be informed of the jury’s decision by the competition administration, without any reasons given, by 31 May 2019 at the latest.

Art. 8Procedure of the competition

The competition is divided into three rounds: first round (art. 9), semi-final (art. 10) and final (art. 11).

All three competition rounds are open to the public.

During each round, the candidates will appear in an order determined by drawing lots, also taking into account the parameters of stage installation.

The time between each concert of all three rounds is 10 minutes maximum.

The decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal.

Art. 9First round

The performance time per concert is a maximum of 15 minutes.

The first round will take place on 24 and 25 August 2019 in the main concert hall of the Hochschule der Künste Bern, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, 3014 Bern.

After the jury session subsequent to the first round, the participants will be informed by the competition management about the decisions of the jury.

The number of concerts admitted to the semi-finals is limited to eight.

Art. 10Semi-final

The performance time per concert is a maximum of 25 minutes.

The semi-final will be held on 28 August in the same hall as the first round.

After the jury session subsequent to the semi-final, the participants will be informed by the competition management about the decisions of the jury.

The number of concerts admitted to the final is limited to four.

Art. 11Final

The performance time per concert is a maximum of 40 minutes.

The final will take place on 31 August 2019 at 4 pm at the Turbinensaal of Dampfzentrale Bern, Marzilistrasse 47, 3005 Bern.

The prize-giving ceremony (art. 12) will take place on the evening of the final at the Dampfzentrale Bern.

Art. 12Prizes

1Three official prizes in the category «Interpretation» will be awarded:

  1. First prize CHF 15,000.–
  2. Second prize CHF 10,000.-
  3. Public prize CHF 5,000.-

The choice of the winner(s) of the public prize is made by ballot papers distributed to all persons present in the hall during the four performances, and collected at the end of the four concerts of the final.

Art. 13Prize-winners’ concerts

In close collaboration with various cultural institutions and festivals, the competition organises concerts for the prize-winners. However, there is no legal claim on the part of the winners to this promotional service.

Participation by the winners in this promotional service is voluntary, and will be remunerated by the competition.

The programme proposals are jointly developed by the winner(s) and the competition management, and will be in line with the artistic profile of the programmes presented in the three competition rounds.

Art. 14Assignment of rights

The participants transfer to the organisers of the competition the right to record the concerts of all competition events (images and sound). All rights of use necessary for the reproduction, sale, distribution, broadcasting or (re-)transmission of the audio or audiovisual recording(s) and for making them visible or heard or otherwise available, are thus transferred in full to the organisers.

Rights legally managed by collecting societies are excluded from the transfer of rights.

If the recordings are utilised commercially, the participants shall receive a part of the income from that utilisation. A written agreement must be concluded to this effect.

The participants have the right to have their names indicated appropriately when the abovementioned recordings are utilised.

The participants shall receive a copy of the recordings and may use them for their own promotion (own website, social media).

Art. 15General conditions

By entering the competition, the candidates undertake to participate in all the rounds and the prize-giving ceremony.

By registering, the candidates agree that their names, biographies, programmes and photos may be used on the competition website, social networks and any other communication media of the competition and partner organisations.

The participant(s) must use the original scores of the works performed. The competition cannot be held responsible for any public use of illegal copies.

Upon presentation of receipts, the competition will reimburse the finalists for travel expenses incurred in Switzerland on the day of the final, up to a maximum of CHF 200 per person.

The competition does not cover costs incurred in connection with any illness and/or accident of the participants during their stay in Bern.

In case of discrepancies between the French, German and English versions of these regulations, the French version shall be deemed legally valid.

By registering for the competition, the candidates signify their agreement with these regulations.